I Published My First Asset!

It’s been many busy months for me as I worked not only to get this website up and running, but also publishing my first asset. Block Lighting Engine 2D has been approved by Unity and is live on the Unity Asset Store! There are actually many things to take into account to be able to publish assets on the Unity Asset Store, but I am glad that it got approved on the first try.

The idea of what this asset does actually dates back quite some time. It started with the old version of Evergreen almost 5 years ago today, which was my first attempt in creating my own 2D survival game in the GameMaker: Studio engine. It was also my first attempt in trying to build a full-fledged lighting system that I never got to work properly! Back in June I was inspired at INDIGO, a large game showcase event here in the Netherlands. Thanks to a friend of mine I got into contact with a Starbound developer there and we talked about the lighting system in Starbound. I decided to reboot my Evergreen game since late October in the Unity engine and this asset was born!

Want to become a Unity Asset Store Publisher yourself? Unity has a guide on becoming one. Some useful notes right off the bat to keep in mind are:

  • Make sure you fully understand the Asset Store Provider Agreement and the Submission Guidelines. If you have doubts about something, look it up in them;
  • You need a website with at least a Contact section so people can contact you if there are problems with your assets;
  • Keep your assets as clean as possible from other asset packs before uploading.