News Tower

Develop your newspaper and become New York’s new media mogul! In this tycoon, build and manage your newspaper from printer to toilet. Create your editorial line and lead your journalists through unique 1930’s stories and dig out the latest scoops!

News Tower is the first game developed by our studio Sparrow Night about managing your own newspaper business in 1930’s New York. We launched into Early Access on the 13th of February on Steam and it’s been quite the journey so far. With a core team size of just three people, we have worked vigorously to bring it to life.

For an interesting read about the origin story of News Tower, click here. Want to try out the demo? Click here! It’s still up on our Steam page.

Live the life of an aspiring influential publisher in New York City during the 1930s. Define your editorial line and search the globe for the newsworthy stories of the decade. The Prohibition, the Great Depression, or a lost cat… Not all articles are deserving of a Pulitzer…

But watch out! The mafia, mayor, and other factions will be more than happy to use your influence in New York City to print their own “truth”. To get unique rewards, you might have to cover the topics they want!

Bend to their will and compromise the freedom of the press or print the truth, whatever the cost!

People’s stories create history.

In News Tower, you will follow some of the key moments of the 1930s, but it will be up to you whether to cover and even influence them. It’s up to your reporters to beat the deadline to get the news while it’s hot. Time is money in News Tower!

Use your reporter’s favorite topics to send them searching for the right news to get it faster, or it might already be old news by the time they return. The more they cover a topic, the more experienced they get, allowing you to sharpen your editorial line. Search for exciting news across the US and the world that matches your reader’s interest and editorial line. Will you decide to publish gossip to satisfy your readers’ thirst for sensational press, or will you always seek hard stories for the truth?

A lot of news offers different avenues of investigation, unveiling diverse versions of the story. Send your reporter down a path, but be mindful of the risk and rewards of each: poking your nose around the mafia may lead to “offers” that you can’t refuse…

Not everyone is in favor of the freedom of the press…

Build and optimize your tower
Ensure the well-being of your employees while meeting your printing deadlines on Sunday! Recruit and manage every profession necessary to ensure your success: reporters, photographers, janitors, without forgetting the essential ads salesperson and lawyers.

Make sure you’re a great place to work at!
Being surrounded by oily and noisy printing machines can get on the nerves of your employees, and they will lose focus, ultimately leading to poorly written articles which will lower your sales. One always works best when surrounded by lush vegetation and a near unlimited source of coffee.

Build facilities and decorate each floor to transform your dingy tower into a prestigious workspace for your employees. With that done, you will be able to ensure their well-being!

However, you should probably find a more optimal placement for your coal generator. It’s making an awful noise on the typesetter’s floor…

In News Tower, manage each step of your newspaper’s production line
Telegraph station, typesetting, photography… Each step is essential to transform a reporter’s notes into a ready-to-print article. Recruit the right employees and plan the layout of your workstations to optimize your production. Searching continuously for more topics & scoops is exciting, but will your production line keep up?

Start as a local Brooklyn newspaper and develop your distribution network citywide!
Wall Street, the Yankee Stadium, or New York’s Harbor. Expand to famous locations, each unlocking specific upgrades and new audiences with their own reading interests.

Increase your readership one neighborhood at a time to become New York’s most influential publisher!