Terrors Of The Deep

Terrors Of The Deep was a school assignment and built entirely with Visual Studio in C++ with the Irrlicht graphics engine. The goal of this assignment was to build a complete game in C++ without using a fully ‘complete’ support engine (like the Unreal engine). Irrlicht was our choice, a graphics rendering engine by default, and I turned it into a simple game engine by myself during this project among other things.

This project was a group assignment and we had a team of 7 students including me. All of us were new to the C++ language at the time and it had quite the learning curve. We used Git together with a Trello development board and employed Agile Development with scrum and sprints. My completed tasks for this project:

  • Incorporate and extend the Irrlicht engine with game engine features;
  • Management/creation of core game support functionality, such as FixedUpdate for physics, generic FindGameObject extensions like Unity for ease of use, tracking GameObjects, simple math extensions, using templates etcetera;
  • A complete class structure (and functionality) for almost every object in the game with abstract base classes and derived subclasses;
  • Creating A.I. for creatures in the game with state machines that include idling, fleeing if a predator is close or attacking for both passive, aggressive critters and monsters that hunt the player;
  • A garbage collection system to clean up out of scope objects and data;
  • A complete intro sequence for the game;
  • Adjusting models in Blender (alpha channels for seaweed, scaling etcetera) and adding them to the game;

In the end, this game was given the highest practical grade and it was deemed the best game that uses the Irrlicht engine that they’ve ever seen, according to a few teachers.

NOTE: The art and models are not ours. This is a school project and due to its limited scope inside the school environment they are purely there for educational purposes.