Play the game here.

Incandescency is a game I made during the Global Game Jam 2019. It’s a 4-player co-op game where you work together as a group of baby aliens trying to escape the big mean Area 51. Below is a gameplay clip of the event that emphasizes footage of our game. Want more details about my experience? Check out my Global Game Jam 2019 report.

I had a 7-man team and we deployed Agile Development with the help of physical post-it notes.

All the R’s are tasks assigned to me.

This was only my second time being in a development team this large, but this was the better one. We did everything together and everyone managed to finish all their tasks before the end of the event in a clear and structured manner. Every design meeting happened with the whole team and everyone gave input. This happened a lot due to our game being a true design game. The game itself was a risky endeavor since we tried to go towards experimental gameplay, but it was incredibly fun to create.

During last year’s Global Game Jam we were all programmers, but we did manage to win Best Student Team with our game Echo by compensating that with smart game design. This time we had an artist however and it was a great experience!