Skilltree Adventures

[Work In Progress] Skilltree Adventures is a simplified version of a classic Dungeons and Dragons playing field where its primary unique selling point is the simplification of a standard Dungeons and Dragons session in such a way that gameplay is less hindered by the huge bulk of options, stats or many dice rolls a conventional session enforces while keeping the most important trait: fun.

It’s a project still in the works by me for a group I’m with called Skilltree Entertainment. We plan to use this software for Dungeons and Dragons-themed sessions in the near future with our own custom stories, events and mechanics.

At the moment you can set a custom background, save and load scenes for easy navigation through any storyline, templates that let you save or load earlier created props, players, die, enemies and more and even dragging and dropping sprites from a folder system that automatically creates a new object for you with that sprite. Objects themselves can be given Health and Mana and can be moved, scaled and rotated in bulk with multi-selection options.

Many things like a Dungeon Master interface, inventory systems, combat resolving and more are still being worked on, but it is almost ready for our first trial sessions in the near future. After more testing, polish and expansion we plan to provide this for free for anyone to enjoy their own Dungeons and Dragons-type sessions!